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BINUS (Bina Nusantara University)

Bina Nusantara University is a university located in Jakarta, Indonesia. The university's primary field of study is in information technology.
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[edit] History
BINA NUSANTARA was originally founded as a short-term computer training institute, Modern Computer Course, on October 21, 1974 by Mr. Joseph Wibowo Hadipoespito. It was the start a rapid growth and expansion, blessed with a solid foundation, clear vision, and high dedication.
Rapid growth and the people's interest led to the school's induction. Modern Computer Course had developed into ‘Akademi Teknik Komputer (ATK)’ or ‘Computer Systems Academy’ on July 1, 1981. It offered Diploma (D-3) Program in Information Management and Computer Science. Three years after, on July 13, 1984, ATK acquired "Registered" status and changed its name to ‘Akademi Manajemen Informatika dan Komputer (AMIK)’ or ‘Academy of Information Management and Computer Science’ Jakarta. On July 1, 1985, AMIK Jakarta opened another Diploma Program in Computerized Accounting. On September 21, 1985, AMIK Jakarta changed its name into AMIK BINA NUSANTARA.
On March 17, 1986, The Ministry of Education and Culture, through The Higher Education Board District III awarded AMIK BINA NUSANTARA as The Best Computer Academy, when it was still relatively young.
The growing need for highly qualified human resources in the Information Technology field motivated BINA NUSANTARA to establish ‘Sekolah Tinggi Manajemen Informatika dan Komputer (STMIK)’ or ‘Institute of Information Management and Computer Science’ BINA NUSANTARA on July 1, 1986. This Institute offered Undergraduate (S-1) Program in Information Management, Computer Science, and Computer Engineering.
On November 9, 1987, AMIK BINA NUSANTARA was merged with STMIK BINA NUSANTARA. It created a single institution offering Diploma (D-3) and Undergraduate (S-1) programs. STMIK BINA NUSANTARA achieved "Accredited" status for all its programs and levels, on March 18, 1992. Having already carved a good reputation, STMIK BINA NUSANTARA inaugurated its Master (S-2) Program in Information System Management, the first of its kind in Indonesia on May 10, 1993.
As the next step for BINA NUSANTARA, BINUS UNIVERSITY was established on August 8, 1996. STMIK BINA NUSANTARA was then merged into BINUS UNIVERSITY on December 20, 1998. BINA NUSANTARA UNIVERSITY, at the time, has 5 Faculties: Computer Sciences, Economics, Engineering, Literature, and Mathematics & Statistics, with one Master Program.
BINUS UNIVERSITY continuously tried to develop new innovations that enriched and strengthen its development. BINUS UNIVERSITY made another forward step by establishing a strategic partnership with Curtin University, Australia in 1997. The partnership has continuously developed and evolved; and became the seed in developing various other strategic partnership with other Top Universities overseas.
BINUS UNIVERSITY as a leading private university in information technology provides modern and state-of-the-art facilities for its students. Internet is simply the basic skill each student has to master to explore the virtual world. BINUS UNIVERSITY provides free internet access, full wifi access point on campus, complete & modern laboratories, etc.
BINUS UNIVERSITY has gone through many periods of changes. Its mission to produce highly qualified and applicable graduates has brought BINUS UNIVERSITY as the first University in Indonesia to achieve ISO 9001 Certification in 1997. Its commitment on quality has motivated BINUS UNIVERSITY to apply a quality management system to hold the entire education programs.
BINA NUSANTARA has developed and maintained strategic alliances with the major player in the ICT industry such as CISCO, Microsoft, SAP, ORACLE, IBM, Lotus, Computer Associates, ASUS, ACER, DELL, etc. These alliances have helped BINUS creates and nurture scientific and technological academic atmosphere supported by high impact and applied research.
BINUS UNIVERSITY has a mission to fully prepare its graduates to enter the global job market or becoming an entrepreneur. In 2002, BINUS CAREER was created out of its concern to help BINUS graduates search for employment opportunities notionally and internationally. BINUS CAREER provides various job search services to facilitate graduates in linking them with the industry.
The Joseph Wibowo Center for Advanced Learning (JWC) is one of the newest and most modern campus of BINA NUSANTARA built in 2001. JWC is located in the strategic business district of Jakarta and easily accessible. The programs provided by JWC are divided into:

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